About The Tel Aviv - Yafo Music Center

Established in the early 1960's as an offshoot of the Tel Aviv Youth Band, the Tel Aviv - Yafo Music Center has been identified as a home for music lovers and young musicians growing up in Tel Aviv and Yafo. Leading Israeli musicians are an integral part of the Music Center's staff.

The Tel Aviv Yafo Music Center runs a curriculum revolving around learning to play a musical instrument. The pupils participate in music theory classes and are members of one or more orchestras and musical ensembles. In addition, the pupils may participate in workshops and courses - such as music with the aid of computers, electronic music, composition, arrangement and orchestration and percussion ensembles - throughout the year.

The "crown jewel" of musical ensembles is the Tel Aviv - Yafo Youth Orchestra, a full scale symphonic band that holds concerts all over Israel and travels overseas for concert tours every two years. The Tel Aviv - Yafo Youth Orchestra has performed in central national events, at the formal residence of the President of Israel and at a special concert held with the attendance of the American President Bill Clinton during his 1996 visit to Israel.

Traditionally, graduates of the Tel Aviv Yafo Music Center and the Youth Orchestra are admitted as members to the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra and than to higher studies in music academies in Israel and abroad. Many are leading successful musical careers and some have become members of the Music Center's staff.

The Center's Music Hall is the arena of musical events of national and international scale. Among the annual events are the International Tel Aviv - Yafo Opera Workshops and the Israeli Young Jazz Ensembles Festival.

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